Christian denominations list

There is no universally agreed definition of the term "denomination".

Denominations overlap. Some congregations, faithful to their own church's ways, might adopt practices from other denominations. Conversely, many denominations have a wide range of shades. Take, for example, the Baptist community: Their parish churches have the autonomy that each could be considered a separate denomination.

There are thousands of recognised denominations and below are over 300 that have the largest memberships. 

See also alphabetical listing.

Group  Denomination  Membership 
 LatinLatin Church1,149,000,000
  Alexandrian RiteEthiopian Catholic Church200,000
   Coptic Catholic Church200,000
   Maronite Catholic Church3,100,000
  Antiochene RiteSyro-Malankara Catholic Church400,000
   Syriac Catholic Church100,000
  Armenian RiteArmenian Catholic Church400,000
  Chaldean RiteSyro-Malabar Catholic Church3,800,000
   Chaldean Catholic Church400,000
   Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church4,300,000
   Melkite Greek Catholic Church1,300,000
   Romanian Catholic Church700,000
 Eastern Ruthenian Catholic Church500,000
   Hungarian Greek Catholic Church300,000
Catholic  Slovak Greek Catholic Church200,000
   Italo-Albanian Catholic Church100,000
  Byzantine RiteBelarusian Greek Catholic Church100,000
   Georgian Byzantine Catholic Church10,000
   Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church10,000
   Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church10,000
   Croatian Greek Catholic Church10,000
   Greek Byzantine Catholic Church10,000
   Macedonian Greek Catholic Church10,000
   Russian Catholic Church10,000
  Apostolic Catholic Church8,000,000
  Philippine Independent Church WCC6,000,000
 OtherChinese Patriotic Catholic Association5,000,000
  Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church5,000,000
  Old Catholic Church600,000
  Society of St. Pius X500,000
  Southern Baptist Convention16,300,000
  National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. WCC8,500,000
  National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.3,100,000
  Nigerian Baptist Convention WCC2,500,000
  Progressive National Baptist Convention WCC2,500,000
  Baptist General Convention of Texas2,300,000
  Baptist Union of Uganda1,500,000
  American Baptist Churches USA WCC1,400,000
  Brazilian Baptist Convention1,300,000
  Baptist Bible Fellowship International1,200,000
  Baptist Community of the Congo River1,000,000
  National Primitive Baptist Convention of the USA1,000,000
  National Missionary Baptist Convention of America1,000,000
  Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches WCC800,000
  Korea Baptist Convention800,000
  Baptist Convention of Kenya800,000
  Myanmar Baptist Convention WCC700,000
  Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India600,000
  Cooperative Baptist Fellowship500,000
  Nagaland Baptist Church Council500,000
 BaptistBaptist Convention in Tanzania500,000
  Orissa Evangelical Baptist Crusade500,000
  Baptist General Association of Virginia500,000
  National Baptist Convention of Brazil400,000
  Church of Christ in Congo - Baptist Community of Congo WCC400,000
  Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches WCC300,000
  American Baptist Association300,000
  Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda WCC300,000
  Garo Baptist Convention200,000
  Baptist Community of Western Congo200,000
  Baptist Missionary Association of America200,000
  Conservative Baptist Association of America200,000
  National Association of Free Will Baptists200,000
  Canadian Baptist Ministries200,000
  National Baptist Convention of Mexico200,000
  Manipur Baptist Convention200,000
  Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars200,000
  Baptist Community in Central Africa200,000
  Baptist Convention of Malawi200,000
  Evangelical Church in Germany WCC24,500,000
  Church of Sweden WCC6,700,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania WCC5,600,000
  Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus WCC5,300,000
  United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India WCC4,500,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America WCC4,500,000
  Church of Denmark4,500,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland WCC4,400,000
  Batak Christian Protestant Church4,200,000
  Church of Norway WCC4,000,000
  Christian Protestant Church in Indonesia WCC3,600,000
  Malagasy Lutheran Church WCC3,000,000
  Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod2,500,000
  Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria1,900,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea WCC1,200,000
  Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil WCC700,000
 LutheranEvangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia WCC700,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa WCC600,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia WCC400,000
  Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod400,000
  Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia WCC400,000
  Indonesian Protestant Church400,000
  Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Austria WCC300,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon200,000
  Church of Iceland200,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil200,000
  Simalungun Protestant Christian Church WCC200,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe WCC200,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia WCC200,000
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary200,000
  Lutheran Council of Great Britain200,000
  Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church WCC200,000
  United Methodist Church WCC12,000,000
  African Methodist Episcopal Church WCC2,500,000
  Methodist Church Nigeria WCC2,000,000
  Church of the Nazarene2,000,000
  Methodist Church of Southern Africa WCC1,700,000
  Korean Methodist Church WCC1,500,000
  African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church WCC1,500,000
  Salvation Army1,400,000
 MethodistUnited Methodist Church of Ivory Coast WCC1,000,000
  Free Methodist Church900,000
  Christian Methodist Episcopal Church WCC900,000
  Methodist Church Ghana WCC800,000
  Methodist Church in India WCC600,000
  Methodist Church in Kenya WCC500,000
  Wesleyan Church400,000
  Evangelical Free Church of America400,000
  Methodist Church of Great Britain WCC300,000
  Methodist Church in Brazil WCC200,000
   Presbyterian Church of East Africa WCC4,000,000
   Presbyterian Church of Africa WCC3,400,000
   Presbyterian Church (USA) WCC3,000,000
Protestant  United Church of Canada WCC2,800,000
   Church of Christ in Congo - Presbyterian Community of Congo WCC2,500,000
   Presbyterian Church of Korea WCC2,400,000
   Presbyterian Church in Cameroon WCC1,800,000
   Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian1,300,000
   Church of Scotland WCC1,100,000
   Presbyterian Church of Sudan WCC1,000,000
  PresbyterianPresbyterian Church of Brazil700,000
   Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana600,000
   United Church of Christ in the Philippines WCC500,000
   Presbyterian Church of Nigeria WCC500,000
   Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa WCC500,000
   Presbyterian Church of Pakistan WCC400,000
   Presbyterian Church in Ireland300,000
   Uniting Church in Australia WCC300,000
   Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea WCC300,000
   Presbyterian Church in Rwanda WCC300,000
   Presbyterian Church in Taiwan WCC300,000
   Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar WCC3,500,000
   United Church of Zambia WCC3,000,000
   Protestant Church in Netherlands WCC2,500,000
   Swiss Reformed Church2,400,000
   Evangelical Church of Cameroon WCC2,000,000
   Protestant Evangelical Church in Timor WCC2,000,000
   Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk1,100,000
   Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa WCC700,000
 Reformed United Church in Papua New Guinea WCC600,000
   Protestant Church in Western Indonesia WCC600,000
   Evangelical Christian Church in Tanah Papua WCC600,000
   Protestant Church in the Moluccas WCC600,000
   Reformed Church in Hungary WCC600,000
   Reformed Church in Romania WCC600,000
   Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa WCC500,000
   Toraja Church WCC400,000
   Reformed Church of France WCC400,000
  ContinentalLesotho Evangelical Church WCC300,000
   Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera WCC300,000
   Christian Church of Sumba WCC300,000
   Karo Batak Protestant Church WCC300,000
   Reformed Church in America WCC300,000
   Christian Reformed Church in North America300,000
   Reformed Church in Zambia WCC300,000
   Kalimantan Evangelical Church WCC200,000
   Javanese Christian Churches WCC200,000
   Indonesia Christian Church WCC200,000
   Church of Christ in the Sudan Among the Tiv200,000
   Church of Lippe200,000
   Evangelical Church of Congo WCC200,000
   Evangelical Church of Gabon WCC200,000
   Christian Evangelical Church of Sangihe Talaud WCC200,000
   Central Sulawesi Christian Church200,000
   Evangelical Reformed Church in Bavaria & Northwestern Germany200,000
   Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria160,000
   United Church of Christ WCC1,200,000
Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola WCC900,000
   United Congregational Church of Southern Africa WCC500,000
  Schwarzenau Brethren1,500,000
 Anabaptism and FreePlymouth Brethren1,000,000
  Moravian Church WCC700,000
 QuakerReligious Society of Friends (Quakers) WCC400,000
 WaldensiansWaldensian Church WCC50,000
  Assemblies of God64,000,000
  International Circle of Faith11,000,000
  Pentecostal Mission10,000,000
  International Church of the Foursquare Gospel8,000,000
  Apostolic Church6,000,000
 PentecostalChurch of God in Christ6,500,000
  United Pentecostal Church International4,000,000
  Christian Congregation of Brazil2,500,000
  Universal Church of the Kingdom of God2,000,000
  Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee1,000,000
  Church of God of Prophecy1,000,000
  God is Love Pentecostal Church800,000
  Calvary Chapel25,000,000
  Born Again Movement20,000,000
 Other evangelicalAssociation of Vineyard Churches15,000,000
  Christian and Missionary Alliance4,000,000
  True Jesus Church2,500,000
  Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)1,200,000
  Zion Christian Church15,000,000
  Kimbanguist Church5,500,000
  Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim & Seraphim5,000,000
 AfricanChurch of the Lord (Aladura) WCC3,600,000
  Council of African Instituted Churches WCC3,000,000
  Church of Christ Light of the Holy Spirit WCC1,400,000
  African Church of the Holy Spirit WCC700,000
  African Israel Church Nineveh WCC500,000
 Seventh-day Adventist ChurchSeventh-day Adventist Church17,000,000
 RestorationistChurches of Christ5,000,000
  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) WCC700,000
 Oneness PentecostalismPentecostal Assemblies of the World1,500,000
 Russian Orthodox Church WCC125,000,000
 Romanian Orthodox Church WCC23,000,000
 Serbian Orthodox Church WCC11,500,000
 Church of Greece WCC11,000,000
 Bulgarian Orthodox Church10,000,000
 Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)7,200,000
 Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate)5,500,000
 Old Believers5,500,000
 Georgian Orthodox Church5,000,000
 Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church3,800,000
 Greek Orthodox Church of Constantinople3,500,000
 Moldovan Orthodox Church3,200,000
 Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch & All the East WCC2,500,000
 Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church2,400,000
 Macedonian Orthodox Church2,000,000
 Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa WCC1,500,000
 Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia1,250,000
 Orthodox Church in America WCC1,200,000
 Polish Orthodox Church1,000,000
Eastern OrthodoxGreek Old Calendarists860,000
 Russian True Orthodox Church850,000
 Albanian Orthodox Church800,000
 Orthodox Church of Greece (Holy Synod in Resistance)750,000
 Cypriot Orthodox Church700,000
 Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia620,000
 Old Calendar Romanian Orthodox Church500,000
 Old Calendar Bulgarian Orthodox Church450,000
 Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric340,000
 Estonian Orthodox Church300,000
 Patriarchal Exarchate in Western Europe150,000
 Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem WCC140,000
 Orthodox Church in Italy120,000
 Finnish Orthodox Church80,000
 Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church70,000
 Montenegrin Orthodox Church50,000
 Chinese Orthodox Church30,000
 Japanese Orthodox Church20,000
 Latvian Orthodox Church WCC20,000
 Church of England WCC25,000,000
 Church of Nigeria WCC18,000,000
 Church of Uganda WCC8,100,000
 Anglican Church of Kenya WCC5,000,000
 Episcopal Church of Sudan WCC4,500,000
 Church of South India WCC4,000,000
 Anglican Church of Australia WCC3,900,000
 Episcopal Church in the United States WCC2,400,000
 Anglican Church of Southern Africa WCC2,300,000
AnglicanAnglican Church of Tanzania WCC2,000,000
 Anglican Church of Canada WCC2,000,000
 Church of North India WCC1,500,000
 Church of the Province of Rwanda1,000,000
 Church of the Province of Central Africa WCC900,000
 Anglican Church of Burundi WCC800,000
 Church of the Province of the West Indies WCC800,000
 Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean WCC500,000
 Church of Christ in Congo - Anglican Community of Congo WCC500,000
 Church of Pakistan WCC500,000
 Traditional Anglican Communion500,000
 Church of Ireland WCC400,000
 Church of the Province of West Africa WCC300,000
 Church of the Province of Melanesia200,000
 Anglican Church in North America100,000
 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church WCC48,000,000
 Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria15,500,000
 Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church9,000,000
 Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church WCC2,500,000
 Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church2,000,000
 Armenian Orthodox Church of Cilicia1,500,000
Oriental OrthodoxMalankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church WCC1,100,000
 Syriac Orthodox Church1,050,000
 Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church1,200,000
 Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople420,000
 Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem340,000
 Malabar Independent Syrian Church60,000
 French Coptic Orthodox Church10,000
 British Orthodox Church10,000
 Latter Day Saint movementChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints14,800,000
  Community of Christ200,000
 New Apostolic Church11,000,000
RestorationistJehovah's Witnesses7,500,000
 Iglesia ni Cristo1,800,000
 Church of Christ, Scientist400,000
 Friends of Man70,000
Unitarian UniversalistUnitarian Universalist Association200,000
NestorianAssyrian Church of the East500,000
 Ancient Church of the East100,000

The colours of the groupings in the table are arbitrary

World Council of Churches (WCC) members are identified by WCC

Membership numbers are those supplied by the only people who know - the denominations themselves. Each denomination has their own understanding of what qualifies somebody to be a "member". Nevertheless, they can be used as a rough guide when comparing one denomination with another.


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