Wedding Vows in Different Languages

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Are you looking for wedding vows in Spanish? Japanese? Latin? (Or from the sublime to the ridiculous, wedding vows in Klingon!)

There are countless sources for wedding vows in English, but if you're looking for just one source for wedding vows in different languages, this is it!

Wedding Vows in Different Languages

(Note: Depending on the language, you may need to install the appropriate font or make some settings to your PC to see some of the non-Latin characters.)

This series was created to enable people to be aware of what they are saying when the ceremony is in a language other than their first language.

Some of the above languages are quite exotic and included here for interest. We do not recommend them as suitable for enhancing the uniqueness of a wedding.

The wisdom of exchanging vows in a language that your invited witnesses do not comprehend, is something that should be considered very carefully. Klingon, Hawaiian, Latin, Esperanto, or any other fancy language, has no benefit over words that you, your partner, your families and friends, can understand. The sincerity of the vows does not increase with exoticness; quite the opposite.

Always keep in mind the seriousness of the commitment you are making when you exchange your marriage vows.


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