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The logo of the Southern Baptist Convention consists of the Bible, the Cross, and the World

SBC Logo

SBC logo

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the world's largest Baptist denomination and the largest Protestant group of churches in the US.

The church is adamant that the office of pastor is limited to men and that marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman, which has caused some members to split from the mainstream churches and attracted others to join. Fortunately for most members, however, the fundamental matter is for their home church to be a place where they can develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

And their logo lies at the heart of the church.

  • The open Bible is foundational and reminds members that it is their textbook for life; the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God. The SBC is a New Testament church and follows the Bible's teaching that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty of sin for mankind. That His resurrection demonstrates His deity and the Father's acceptance of the sin-penalty payment.
  • The globe shows the world's connection with the power of the Gospel and symbolises the availability of salvation for everyone in the world. The globe is not only representative of the world geographically, but more in the sense of 'everybody'; the Great Commission extends to every person and every group of people. Jesus commanded His followers to preach the Gospel to the whole world. 
  • The cross is central and intersects both the Bible and the world. SBC members believe that the Crucifixion and resurrection is the only hope for the world. Christians are to 'take up the cross' and follow Christ. The cross in the logo is star-shaped, representing not only the Star of Bethlehem but also the glory of Jesus Christ.

Matt 28:19-20


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