Church of England Logo

A clever arrangement of the church's acronym centred around the cross - with an interesting similarity to another symbol.

Church of England Logo

Church of England Logo

The Church of England (C of E) is the 'mother' church of the worldwide Anglican. Communion.

Church of England Logo
St. George's flag atop St. George's Church, an Anglican church in Beckenham, London

Roots of the C of E go back to the 6th century and their banner was traditionally the flag of England; the Cross of St. George.

The C of E owns thousands of church buildings in England and most of these happen to be the oldest buildings in the country.

In an attempt to shake the dust off this ancient image, the church adopted a modern logo in 1996: A simple Christian cross encompassed by overlapping 'c' (for 'Church') and 'e' (for 'England').

Church of England Logo
C of E Cross

There is some (presumably) unintentional similarity between the insignia of the C of E and the Crescent Cross.

And there's nothing wrong with that...

...Christ died for all mankind, whatever their religion.

The term 'Anglican' was chosen as the name of the reformed Church that was opposed to Roman influence. It's an interesting choice because 'Anglican' is a Latin term.


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