Elusive Christadelphian Cross

The Christadelphians would say there is no such thing as a Christadelphian Cross but we believe there is.

And here's why.

Christadelphian Cross

Latin Cross

The Christadelphians are not the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), neither are they Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs), but they do share some fundamental doctrines that separate them from mainstream Christianity. For example, they deny the Trinity, believing that Jesus was born the Son of God but that Jesus is not God. They also share with Mormons and JWs some of the reasons for not displaying images of the cross.

The name 'Christadelphian' comes from the Greek Christou Adelphoi, meaning 'brothers of Christ'. Jesus Christ is central to their sect but they believe that the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross was not the sacrifice of God.

Christadelphians "reject as unbiblical the idea that Christ could die as a replacement sacrifice for us", saying: "let us get one thing clear: although Christ died for us, he did not die instead of us". This differs to what the Bible actually says; that God ascribed the guilt of our sins to Christ, who, in our stead, bore the punishment. 

Christadelphians are Unitarian in that they believe there is only one person in the Godhead. Like Mormons, they see Jesus as one of the many Elohim who were at one time mortal men, and as with JWs, they believe the soul enters a sleep state after death and that there is no eternal punishment, no hell and no devil. This is contrary to what the Bible is quite clear about. .

Christadelphian logo
Christadelphian logo

Christadelphians do not use the cross as a symbol because they "are a Bible-based community of believers, patterned after the 1st century ecclesias (churches)". In the 1st century, it is understood that the cross was viewed by Christ's followers as an instrument of torture and consequently a wholly inappropriate symbol to be honoured. (The Bible also didn't exist in the 1st century but used in the Christadelphian logo.)

Yes indeed, the cross is an instrument of torture and that is why it was used. The sacrifice of Jesus was for everybody; Christians, Christadelphians and everyone else. Denying the symbol, as atheists do, is tantamount to denying the suffering and consequently the full meaning of Christ's sacrifice. No Christian denies that.

John 5:28-29 and Rev. 20:12-15


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