Wedding Cross

All crosses have deep symbolism, and the Wedding Cross is no exception. It is one of several Christian Crosses with a romantic message. (See Romantic Crosses)

Wedding Cross

also known as Cana or Marriage Cross

Wedding Cross

Wedding Cross

Rope Cross
Marriage Cross

Marriage Cross
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The Wedding Cross features two interlocking wedding rings. The rings may be above the horizontal bar of the cross, on the bar, or even beneath it, as shown in the Chi-Rho version on the right, stamped on some leather coasters.

Two interlocking rings on a cross form a composite symbol of commitment of a couple to live, love and grow united together in God's grace. It symbolises the partnership of the husband and wife with Christ.

Such an item may be presented as a gift to the couple. It is also seen embroidered on the minister's stole or alter cloth, to remind us that the minister, whether he is a priest or an unordained lay pastor, the fundamental meaning is the same: All Christian denominations acknowledge that the minister merely officiates the marriage ritual, and it is only God who joins people together in marriage.

The rings and the cross remind us of this important point.

The third cross image on the left is a Rope Cross and the rope is made from three strands, twisted together. Solomon illustrates the strength of the three-ply rope in Eccles. 4:12. Two strands are better than one, he explains, because they can support each other. And if a rope has a third strand, it is even stronger.

When two people are joined in love, if Christ is in their lives then like a three-ply cord, the marriage is strong.

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