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The New Apostolic Church logo is designed show the way to salvation for the afterlife, and how to live now.

New Apostolic Church logo

NAC logo

The New Apostolic Church is not so new. Whether its founding is considered to be 19th century Germany or a continuation of the 1st century Early Church, it could be more accurately described as the Old Apostolic Church. But that name is already in use by another group. No doubt the Reformed Old Apostolic Church would rather be called the New Apostolic Church. There is also a Reformed Apostolic Church.

Gets confusing, doesn't it.

Much greater confusion arises with the New Apostolic Church (NAC) logo. It looks pretty straighforward, but there's a big "However..." to take into account.

  • The cross, as you know, is a symbol of God's love for mankind. Through the sacrifice of His Son to bear our sins, our salvation is possible. The focus of the NAC logo is a nice voided version of a Latin cross.
  • God gave Moses a list of the fundamental obligations of religion, morality, and man's duty to God and to all other humans. This list is popularly known as the Ten Commandments and on the NAC logo there are ten sun rays emanating from the foot of the cross.
  • The waters at the base of the NAC logo represent baptism.


Despite having these common Christian symbols, the teachings of the NAC are at odds with the beliefs of mainstream Christianity:

  • By the Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and by this act alone, we are saved. But the NAC says that its own Apostles are necessary for salvation ( The Bible says that it is through Jesus, and only through Jesus, mankind can be saved. It is not only audacious to suggest that self-appointed Apostles can supersede Jesus; it is profane.
  • The ten rays in the NAC logo are to remind followers of the Ten Articles of the NAC creed. ( The Bible teaches that the laws of God are not to be challenged or superseded. The NAC's constantly changing man-made catechism "Doctrine and Knowledge" is superfluous.
  • Contrary to NAC teachings ( the act of baptism does NOT save.

    Different denominations have their own finer points of baptism, but tend to forbid the pagan practice of attempting to baptize by proxy or baptize the dead. The main exceptions are the Mormons and the NAC.

    Salvation is the acceptance of the love of God and it is a personal decision and responsibility. An NAC Apostle, minister, proxy or anyone else, has no right to assume the decision and responsibility for another person's soul. Pagans may have a different view but for Christians, baptism and salvation is an arrangement between the person and God. Personal. Period.

A Regular Church?

Despite their attempts to conform, it is doubtful that the fundamental differences will ever permit the NAC to join the World Council of Churches. They will probably remain in the shadows with the JWs, Mormons, Christadelphians, etc., and have the unenviable entry as a 'cult' in the list compiled by the French Commission on Cults, the Belgian Parliamentary Commission and numerous other organisations.

The True Church?

Like the Jehovah's Witnesses, the NAC claim they are the 'true church' ( And this leads to the question: If God has decided that the NAC, and only the NAC, are the true Church, then why has He not mentioned this to the billions of people who communicate with Him every day?


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