Chakra Cross

Any Christian cross is both a symbol to proclaim one's faith, and also an aid for personal meditation. The Chakra Cross may be used by some for the latter purpose.

Chakra Cross

Chakra Cross

A chakra is generally understood to be one of seven main vortices, through which physical and spiritual energy moves to and from a particular point on our bodies. The concept of chakra is usually associated with Hinduism and Buddhism rather than Christianity.

In a Christian context, the hesychasts in the Eastern Orthodox Church might focus on something similar to chakras as they pray silently with their heads between their knees. Similarly, other Christian ascetics may consider chakra in their meditation, but it is unlikely that any of these people would use, let alone need, a jewelled encrusted cross as shown on this page.

Decorating a cross with different coloured gems is more likely to be an item of jewellery, pretty much like the Diamond Cross.

Mar Thoma Syrian Church

A noteworthy exception is in the logo of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church (MTSC). Their church's website ( describes the disc in the centre of the cross as:

The Ashoka Chakra

The Ashoka Chakra is the symbol of India and represents the Indian roots of the church. Traditionally the Chakra as represented by the Emperor Ashoka, was a symbol in denoting the Wheel of Life and Cosmic Order (or Dharmachakra). By placing the wheel at the heart of the Cross, it is a declaration that life finds its ultimate salvation in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus once and for all. It symbolises the completion and closing of the wheel of life for all those who follow the Bhahthi Marga (path of righteousness) in Jesus Christ.


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