Adorned Crosses

also known as Decorated Crosses

An Adorned Cross (sometimes called a Decorated Cross or Furnished Cross) is almost invariably based on a simple Latin or Greek cross so that the additional feature is emphasized. The additional feature usually becomes the main focus; the crucifix is an obvious example. Another example is the Irish Claddagh, which is considered by some to have supernatural power when mounted on a cross. And yet another (silly) example is the Santa Cross.

The cross enhances the feature, giving it a religious or spiritual flavour, or added to simply make the feature appear more authentic, trustworthy, etc.

It's interesting that with some Adorned Crosses we glorify the feature (for example, we glorify the USA with the Old Glory Cross), whilst others are used to condemn the feature (for example, the AIDS Cross).

Some of the most elaborate and richly adorned crosses are seen in Catholic, Orthodox and 'High' churches. Often it's a challenge to find a suitable name for a cross with a corpus and a halo and Golgotha steps and fleur de lis and jewels, and so on. Such cross naming is often left to the whim of souvenir suppliers, who coin terms such as Vatican Cross, Adoration Cross, etc., or the curiously named Deluxe Cross.

Most crosses on this website are adorned with something to distinguish them from the others. In many cases, adornments are part of the cross construction (such as the Patriarchal Cross) and such crosses can be found in the miscellaneous section. There are also special sections of crosses adorned with lettered text, crosses with plants, animals, and other organisms and crosses with a romantic association. This page shows adornments that don't fit into those categories.

For all crosses, see the complete list.

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Cross with a crown Cross with a crown Joan of Arc Cross Flaming anchor Koru Tomoe Crescent - an interfaith symbol Crescent and Cross Horseshoe Rainbow Yin-Yang Pentagram Anchor Burning Unknown cross Mite Chakra Long Tan Nowy Birth stone Nativity Announcing the Second Coming Glory Musketeer Rising Sun Votive Candle Crossed Flags anchor Rope Rope Cross, beams bound together with rope, and rope used to bind the victim to the cross. Rope AIDS Deacon Divine Mercy Robed Shrouded Rainbow Jewelled Triple Cross

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