A pleasing design, representing the Holy Trinity for some people, or to others, Sacred Geometry.



In Christian art, the triquetra represents the Trinity as one God. Examples of such a pattern can be seen in the Trinity Cross and Carolingian Cross.

The triquetra is found also in Celtic knotwork, so the Trinity Cross shown on the right is sometimes referred to as a Knotted Cross or Celtic Twirls Cross. It is popular with Neopagans to represent the interdependence in nature of Land, Sea and Sky, or the spiritual interdependence in man's Mind, Body and Soul.

Other three-legged symbols include the Triskele and the Tomoe. This is a symbol of three commas or teardrops, chasing one another round a circle, and used by groups ranging from Germanic Neopagans to Buddhists.

In Japan both the Triquetra and Tomoe are used as kamon, a sort of heraldic coat of arms (ka means 'family' and mon means 'crest'). The Triquetra symbol is used for the Musubi mitsugashiwa crest.

Such beautiful geometrical designs are often used in examples of mystical Sacred Geometry.

See also Everlasting Cross


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