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Klingon, as any follower of Star Trek knows, has been the language of the Klingon race since 900 AD, right up to the 'present' time of the 24th century.

The following is from Klingon a wedding found at Captain Kordite's website:

Klingon vows


(groom's name), bISawrup'a'? (do you marry her?)


HIja' (Yes.)


(bride's name), bInayrup'a'? (do you marry him?)


HIja' (Yes.)

The couple take two steps backwards to stand back to back. The officiate draws a dagger which he holds above their heads. The couple reach up with their right hands and grasp the blade palm down. The couple turn to the left to face each other. The officiate lowers the blade to waist level, the couple's hands still atop the blade. The officiate places his hand on top of the couple's hands.


DaHjaj mobHa' tlhIH. (Today, you are un-alone.)

DaHjaj tagh wo' (Today the Empire begins.)

The encouraging points to note from this Klingon wedding is that even 'now', in the 24th century, not only have we survived global warming, but also weddings and marriage are still deemed necessary in society. Sadly, the 'love' word doesn't crop up very much in this ceremony; which is not surprising for a warrior race with a goal of intergalactic hegemony.

As Captain Kordite's website indicates, Klingon marriage is synergistic; to produce more warriors "we join one another, one becomes two, two becomes a household, houses become armies, armies build the empire."

But there's no need to worry about these loveless people; they do not exist. (So there's nobody to offend if you mis-pronounce 'tlhIH'.)

Original wedding vows

It is hard to find vows more original and exotic than the above. And if you want to use them for your wedding, go ahead.

But remember; Star Trek is not real and the Klingon race is not real.

What is real, is your marriage. And by far the most important part of a wedding ceremony is the exchange of vows. The wisdom of exchanging vows in a language that your invited witnesses do not comprehend, is something that should be considered very carefully. Klingon has no benefit over words that you, your partner, your families and friends, can understand. The sincerity of the vows does not increase with exoticness; quite the opposite.

It's your wedding, so dress up as Darth Vader if you wish (after all, the wedding dress and tux are pretty ridiculous costumes) but please keep in mind the seriousness of the commitment you are making when you exchange your marriage vows.


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