Planning your wedding

The last month

Blueprint to success

Just a few short weeks to go now (and if you've come to this page in error, jump back to the main Wedding Planning page).

This page reviews some crucial points to be checked.

Finalise your requirements with:

  • Hairstylist
  • Beautician – Will you also want a massage?
  • Manicurist – It's OK guys, you don't need to feel shy at having your nails done this time.

    Girls, consider decorating your ring finger nail; just in case the groom forgets which finger to place the ring on during the ceremony. It happens!

    And if you decorate it with a cute little 3D cherub on your nail, make sure the glove-fingers don't get stuck on the cherub's wings. It happens!

  • Dresser
  • Florist
  • Photographer and videographer – Make sure they know of any special requirements or ideas you've thought of since booking them. For example, a Ring Relay.
  • Chapel – Go through the order of service one more time and ensure that any special requirements you have are in place. Confirm the rehearsal time with the chapel and all the attendants you'll be using.
  • MC, DJ, band, other entertainers – Do you want a particular song or music?
  • Transportation: for yourselves, your families and other guests
  • Caterer - They should also be providing tableware so make sure they haven't forgotten the accessories you'll need: toasting glasses, candle-lighting rods, cake knife, party poppers, bubble machine, dry-ice machine etc.

    Will they be providing snacks for you during The Day? You'll have little chance to eat much between breakfast and the party meal so you may feel rather hungry. Don't request any snack that would make a mess or stain if accidentally dropped.

    Forget any diet you've been on; forget what's good and healthy for you. Order something that will give you energy and / or make you feel good. You are about to embark on something that is both mentally and physically stressful for a few hours. You don't want to collapse from exhaustion, so arrange for a few biscuits and make sure you eat them!

  • Travel agent - Check that everything is booked. Start collecting together your honeymoon clothing, luggage, and make a packing list. Make sure your passport has sufficient validity. Get foreign currency, travellers cheques. Make sure your credit card doesn't expire while you are away. Arrange international roaming for your smartphone.


  • Buy the gifts for your guests. Hotels and department stores usually have special deals and good suggestions of suitable gifts in different price ranges.
  • Review the invitation replies from your guests. Telephone anyone who hasn't replied, just in case the invitation or reply went astray in the post.

2 weeks before

  • Give the caterers the seating list and place-cards.
  • Make sure the rings still fit.

And at last...


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