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The Antiquities of the Christian Church

Antiquities of the Christian Church, translated and compiled from The Works of Augusti, with numerous additions from Reinwald, Seigal and others.

By Rev. Lyman Coleman.

From the 1846 Second Edition, Baker and Scribner, 145 Nassau Street, New York

Seiyaku's Caveat Lector

The original spelling has been retained, as has the inconsistency in capitalisation. Words such as 'Christian', 'Church', 'Gospels', etc., invariably appear as 'christian', 'church', 'gospels', etc. Spelling tends to be predominantly American English, with several examples of 'bad' grammar that today would not be acceptable for such an important book. This lack of attention to detail is somewhat surprising, given that the author clearly assumes the reader will be familiar not only with Latin, but also Greek and Hebrew (which we have omitted).

Footnotes labelled 1, 2, 3, etc., do not always have a corresponding tag in the text, suggesting that some content may have been omitted in the 19th century translation. Similarly, some chapters have a Section I, but no further sections. However, given the mis-spellings and other inconsistencies, we assume these are simple typographical errors and that no important information is missing.

We are certain you will look beyond these distractions and benefit from the vast knowledge from this book.



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