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Book of Divine Worship

The Roman Catholic Church adapted the Book of Common Prayer for the benefit of Anglican Use churches. This adaptation was revised according to the Roman Rite and first published in 2003 as The Book of Divine Worship.

Elements have been drawn from the 1928 and 1979 editions of the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer, in addition to the 1973 English translation of Missale Romanum (Roman Missal).

Prayer kneeler and notebook PC

Why are we publishing this electronically?

We are not suggesting that church buildings are converted into religious internet cafes, with a PC on each prayer kneeler. Rather, we hope these pages will be used by a much wider audience; including those who need to quickly look up a section, print off a few relevant pages, search for certain phrases, etc. We don't mind whether you are from an Anglican Use church or some form of Cyberchurch.

If it proves useful to somebody, then the compilers of these pages will be more than happy.



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