Resurrection Cross

The Resurrection Cross can take any shape or form, but usually seen without a corpus.

Resurrection Cross

Resurrection Cross

There are so many reports of people being resurrected that it's difficult to argue that resurrection does not exist. But before we go further, there are some resurrections that are not being discussed on this page.

  • People such as Lazarus, for example. Brought back to life four days after his death and has, for the past several hundred years, been venerated as a saint. His tomb has become a shrine, which means that although he was resurrected, he has since died again, so the resurrection was not to immortality. (See also the Lazarus Cross)
  • Neither will we discuss Asclepius, whom we read differed from Lazarus in that he, like several others, became a deity after his resurrection. (See his reference relating to the Serpent Cross)
  • And just for the record, we're not going to talk about zombies here. (If that's your interest then there's a page for you at the Zombie Cross.)

The image shown above represents the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the actual coming back to biological life after his Crucifixion, which validates his Incarnation and is the fundamental doctrine of Christianity.

That Jesus was human is not only accepted as historical fact but logical too: If he wasn't human, he would have been unable to have empathy for man's pain, man's misunderstanding and man's trials. If he wasn't human, he could not have been the Last Adam (see 1 Cor. 15:45-47). If he wasn't human, he would have been unable to die human death.

It is equally important to understand that Jesus was not half God and half man. Jesus was one person, with one personality, but with two distinct yet inseparable natures (hypostatic union). God manifest in flesh. 

When considering God's absolute purity, love and truth, it is tautologous to state that God cannot sin. Therefore, the only way for God to take the burden of sin away from man, was to come to earth as Jesus, as a human, and then to take on board the human sin. By physically perishing on the cross, bearing that sin, the sin was taken away from mankind. (more...)

But the story doesn't end there.

To complete the task, Jesus had to rise from the physical death, showing us all that there is an existence after physical death (Rom. 6:4-11). It shows that God is just and exalted Christ to a life of glory (Phil. 2:8-9). It shows that Christ is immortal.

Blooming Cross

Getting back to the little image at the top of this page:

Many flowers wilt in autumn and re-appear to bloom in spring (around Easter, in the northern hemisphere), which makes them a fitting symbol for resurrection.

mystery cross
mystery cross

The cross shown above was copied from photos kindly sent to us some time ago, of a budded pendant (shown on the right - click either photo to enlarge).

In addition to the blooms, you can also see the cross is decorated with heavenly stars, which remind us of the star of Bethlehem. There are also green ferns, green being used in the East especially for the feast of Pentecost, while the birds symbolise the Holy Spirit.

The dual nature of Christ is disputed by Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians, Mormons, etc., but accepted by mainstream Christianity


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