What do they mean?

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Several mysterious symbols have been sent to us from around the world, and after a bit of investigation by some of our expert referees, we've managed to find plausible explanation for most.

But there are a few which haven't been met with a satisfactory explanation - hence this series. If you have any ideas about any of the symbols below, please let us know.

Before you start...

Here are a few tests to fire up your brain cells.

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How fast can you complete this challenge?

An easier one

Warm up

Here's another little puzzle to get your grey matter warmed up

Speed challenge

Speed challenge

No prizes for quessing the name of this cross. The challenge is: How fast can you draw a cross with these proportions?

What do these symbols mean?

Puzzle 003

Mysterious pendant

From Verona, Italy. An intriguing scribble?

Puzzle 011

Mystery cross

This is a most unusual cross, in that there is a mechanism, for some unknown purpose, and some inscriptions, with no known meaning.

Puzzle 016


Just a forked cross with a suppedaneum? We think not.

Puzzle 020

Mystery item

We know a fair bit about this item, but we don't know for sure what it's used for.
Do you know?

Puzzle 030

Mystery cross

Why is this reversed?

Puzzle 031

Mystery cross


Puzzle 032

Mystery cross Mystery cross

Two similar crosses from Serbia

Puzzle 033

Mystery cross


Puzzle 035

Patonce cross

Yes, we know this is a Patonce Cross, but why here?

...and of course, any of these symbols could have no meaning at all – merely the results of somebody's doodling. But if you fancy a challenge, click on a link above for more details.

Happy sleuthing!


Here are some for which (we think) we've found an answer

Puzzle 001

Mysterious star

SOLVED! This one from England looked an easy one. But it wasn't what it seemed.

Puzzle 002

Mysterious cross

SOLVED! From New Mexico.

Puzzle 004

Secret Society symbol?

SOLVED! Initially we thought this was a Swedish Masonic badge, but now we know better


Puzzle 005

Heraldic symbol?

SOLVED! From our Swedish investigator, but the symbol has no Nordic origin.

Puzzle 006

Christian symbol?

SOLVED! Tattooed on a young lady's back. Christian symbol?

Puzzle 007

Curved Cross

SOLVED! We thought this Curved Cross was Norman, but we were wrong.

Puzzle 008

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Describing this cross was easy; the puzzle was finding its context.

Puzzle 009

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Without a background colour, describing this cross is not so easy.

Puzzle 010

Mystery cross

SOLVED! A type of Celtic Cross; the puzzle was to find out what the five blobs represent.

Puzzle 012

Pictish Cross

SOLVED! This image didn't take too long to identify.

Puzzle 013

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Another puzzled solved by an astute investigator.

Puzzle 014

Prince of Peace

SOLVED! A very prophetic cross.

Puzzle 015

Mystery cross

SOLVED! A cross with a truly Royal connection

Puzzle 017

Mystery cross

SOLVED! The door is open

Puzzle 018

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Badged

Puzzle 019


SOLVED! WWI, French.

Puzzle 021

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Osmosis from Paganism to Christianity

Puzzle 022


SOLVED! We thought it might be as association's logo, but now think that is unlikely.

Puzzle 023

This way> Both ways

SOLVED! Perfect match!

Puzzle 024

Mystery cross

SOLVED! We were hooked on this one

Puzzle 025

Mystery cross

SOLVED! No, it's not the silhouette of a jet plane

Puzzle 026

Quadrate Annulet

SOLVED! This one is now squared away

Puzzle 027

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Flowers and birds

Puzzle 028


SOLVED! (but still a bit stumped)

Puzzle 029

Mystery cross

SOLVED! What is the significance of 26?

Puzzle 034

Mystery cross

SOLVED! The birds have sung

Puzzle 036

Mystery cross

SOLVED! Single slanting crossbeam


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