Curious cross

(Puzzle 021)

There are hundreds of crosses on this website, many of which share common features. This one is quite a unique combination of several features.

Trondheim Cross

Kryss Anheng
(Click photo to enlarge)

This is quite different from the hundreds of other crosses on this website.

The photo on the right was kindly sent to us by a lady who says the piece might be from Portugal. The horizontal beam is 2.5cm (1") and the vertical shaft is 4 cm (1½"). The cross is voided and inlaid with mineral, coral, possibly abalone shell.

There are similarities with the Thor Cross, a popular favourite of Neopagans, but the mosaic of inlaid seashells are encased in brass alloy rather than a basic metal such as iron, copper, silver, gold or a rare -ium.

So what is it? See Trondheim Cross.

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