Mystery cross

(Puzzle 034)

It did not take long to identify this unusual pattern

In honour of St Vincent

mystery logo

The logo on the left was kindly sent to us by the St Vincent's Anglican Chaplaincy in the Algarve.

The cross is very simiar to other Order of Christ Crosses associated with Portugal but the birds were initially a puzzle for us.

Top right bird
Top right

Bottom right rird
Bottom right

Top left bird
Top left

Bottom left bird
Bottom left

Two of the birds appear to be singing and two are bowing their heads; images of praise and prayer.

A renowned ornithologist suggested to us that the half-open wings were the stance taken by birds when begging for food, which again fits the concept of imploring God for blessing, forgiveness, and so on. He further identified the birds as probably adult turdus melura, or to you and me, blackbirds.

This is probably the most accurate description we can get of the images, but sadly happens to be far from the original intention. When the logo was first designed, these blackbird sillouettes were all that were available. The logo will soon be redrawn with a more accurate depiction of the intended birds. Four colly birds? No, four ravens.

And the significance of the ravens? See St. Vincent's Cross.

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