What inspired this design?

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The ubiquity of the Maltese cross can easily obscure.

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The person in London who noticed this jewelry would be very interested to know what inspired the design.

All we know for certain is that it was made in France. On the back of the cross is a small triangular mark which seems to be where it was attached to something else.

And that is all we know.

The Pattée Cross is probably just as common in Christian art as it is in royalty and military, so it's easy to become swayed off course when trying to identify the historical source of the design.

Similarly the three spheres could represent the Holy Trinity, or they could represent three golden spheres; a symbol used by medieval Lombard merchants and still seen outside pawnbrokers' shops.

The clear stones in each of the four cross arms could symbolise nails used in the Crucifixion. The gems chosen could have a particular meaning, or they could be simply meaningless decoration.

The above observations are obvious but don't point to what might have inspired the design. Various faiths and cultures have come to mind, but we'll leave those thoughts to ourselves to avoid leading you astray.

The design may be of particular interest to those delving into Knights Templarism; an area that is fascinating yet way beyond the scope of this website. If you wish to explore that avenue, the trailer for Knights Templar Secret Found is on YouTube, and features a cross with a remarkable likeness to the one above. You can contact the makers of that movie at

Alternatively, if you have thoughts and ideas outside the realm of King Solomon, Masonry, etc., please email us at

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