Meaning of the New Age Fish Symbol

The Fish Symbol is a New Age symbol which neatly shows how Christianity falls into the grand cosmic plan

The New Age fish symbol

Fish symbol

'New Age' is an interesting term. Rather than zapping about in the latest or even yet-to-be invented technology, the New Age Movement's practices and philosophies are based on very old traditions, adopted from several Eastern and Western religions and cultures.

Rainbow trout?

The Rainbow for example, has been a religious symbol since the time of Noah. The Movement has adopted this as a symbol showing that light can only be pure white if it contains the full spectrum of colours, with the analogy that humankind can only achieve peaceful coexistence with nature by embracing nature. And by extension, humankind can only achieve peaceful coexistence with itself by recognizing that all peoples are necessary, irrespective of their colour, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and so on. (See also homophobia and racism.)

Phoenician symbol for 'fish'

vesica piscus


Cosmology and astrology are of particular interest to the New Age Movement and used to help understand and interpret our lives. 'New Age' refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius. We are currently in the Age of Pisces, represented by the fish, and consequently the movement has adopted the Pagan fish symbol, which happens to be the same as the Christian fish symbol.

The similarity between the fish symbol and the shape of female reproductive organs is obvious. As Carl G Liungman wrote:. 


"Virgo, is based on the Hebraic letter 'mem' and the Phoenician symbol meaning 'fish'. It became, early on, a sign representing Jesus and the mystery of His virginal birth."

Liungman, along with other authorities, sees this astrological glyph starting with the Egyptian hieroglyph, the vesica piscus, the Latin meaning 'air bladder of a fish' and is a sign of virginity or purity.

Three of these interwoven shapes form a triquetra; popular with proponents of Sacred Geometry.

Astrologers are often quick to point out that the Age of Pisces began at the time of Jesus' birth. This is surely more than a coincidence. Wasn't the birth of Jesus signalled by a bright star, lending strong evidence of an astrological connection? Doesn't the Bible say that he was born in a stable, surrounded by a zodiac-like circle of animals? 

Well, Christians are happy to concede that Virgo the Virgin was there, and Scorpio the Scorpion was probably close by, too. But a Leo Lion?

Astronomers largely agree that at about the time that Jesus was born, Jupiter and Saturn were seen in the constellation Pisces, but their proximity was not close enough to be seen as a single bright star. In any case, Christians follow the Bible teachings and reject the notion that God would use astrology to herald the birth of His Son into the world. 

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It was common to bring animals inside at night, for their security, but the Bible makes reference only to "manger". By that we assume the birth of Jesus was in a place where animals might have been, but there is no mention in the Bible of animals being present at that time (Luke 2:6-7).

Single star: Matt. 2:2

Astrology rejected: Isa. 47:13-15, Dan. 1:20, 2:27, 4:7, 5:7, Jer. 10:2


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