Achilleus Cross

The design of the Achilleus cross is said to have been found on the tomb of Saint Achilleus

Achilleus Cross

Achilleus Cross
Achilleus Cross

Achilleus was bishop of Larissa in Thessaly, Greece and attended the First Council of Nicaea in 325. He died in 330 and since 978, his relics have been venerated at Presba in Bulgaria.

The Achilleus Cross is a composite of a Patriarchal Cross and a Stepped Cross with slightly Pattéed limbs.

The upper arm of the Patriarchal Cross represents a titulus, such as INRI.

The base has three steps, representing faith, hope and love, or the Holy Trinity.

The pattéed limbs give eight points which symbolise regeneration and Baptism.

The Cross of St. Achilleus appears on the coat of arms and flag of Arilje, Western Serbia, whose patron saint is St. Achilleus.

The cross on the saint's tomb is said to have been copied for the Arilje municipal coat of arms but we have no confirmation of this. If you have further information and/or a photograph of this cross on his tomb, please let us know.

Variously spelt Achilles, Ailus, Achillas, Achilius, Achillius, Achillei or Achileus


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