Arilje Flag

The coat of arms and the flag of Arilje include the colours of the national flag of Serbia and the cross of its patron, Saint Achilleus

Arilje Flag


Arilje is in Western Serbia and its flag's red, blue and white are from the Pan-Slavic tricolour of the Serbian Flag. The yellow cross within the coat of arms is described on our Achilleus Cross page.

There is another cross implied by this emblem; the background 'Y' design. This could be seen as Forked Cross but the blue colour betrays to its intended symbolism, that of the fork of the rivers Rzav and Moravica.

Arilje Church
St. Achilleus Church, Arilje (1296)

The name of the town's patron saint lives on in St. Achilleus church in the centre of the town.

The cross on the saint's tomb is said to have been copied onto the Arilje municipal coat of arms but we have no confirmation of this. If you have further information and/or a photograph of the cross on his tomb, please email us

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