World's Biggest Wedding Ring

Near the Loch of Stennis in Scotland there were two large stone circles used for nuptial ceremonies

The world's biggest wedding ring

Ring of Brodgar
Ring of Brodgar
Photo by Paddy Patterson from Ayr, Scotland
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Like many other parts of the world, Britain has its fair share of ancient stone circles. See for example, the stones on the Orkney Islands.

Near the Loch of Stennis there were two large stone circles, dedicated the sun and moon. Until just a few generations ago, a bride would walk around the circle of the moon stones, and the groom would circuit the sun stones. They then met at the huge Odin Stone which had a circular hole, join hands through this hole, plight their troth, and become man and wife.

It is believed the stone was erected there 5,000 years ago, but in the early 19th century it was destroyed by grumpy landowner Captain Mackay, who was tired of the hordes of visitors to the stones.

Marketing such heritage, as we know it today, was in its infancy then.

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