Pecinci Flag

Pecinci is a gentle village featuring a gentle industry: bread making

Pecinci Flag


The cross of the Flag of Pecinci consists of a red Greek Cross superimposed on a yellow saltire. They have similarities with the British crosses of England and St. Alban. Together, they form an eight-armed shape similar to the Baptismal Cross.

But the Pecinci design is none of these. If anything, the closest design might be the Palm Cross.

The municipality of Pecinci (English: 'cave') is in Vojvodina, an autonomous province to the north of Belgrade, Serbia. It has a population of about 22,000.

The red of the cross and the blue background are two colours of the national flag of Serbia.

The four yellow arms of the saltire represent ears of wheat. Pecinci village is home to the Jeremija Bread Museum (the only other known bread museum in the world is in Ulm, Germany) where you can learn the art of bread making and its history. The museum exhibits reconstructed ovens and implements used in bread-making, along with related farm tools. Of special interest are the various types of bread used in religious rites.

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