Weddings in Philippines

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This section is one of several pages showing the text used for Jim and Nila's Filipino wedding and features the opening remarks by the pastor.

The Ceremony

The couple's choice of music is played as the groom comes forward, preceded by the Best Man. The bride then approaches, preceded by the Matron of Honour, and takes her position to the left of the groom. The Best Man stands to the right of the groom and the Matron of Honour takes her position to the left of the bride.


The ceremonies you are about to witness, the Unity Wedding Coins, the Unity Veil and Unity Cord, the Wedding Rings and Vows, and the Unity Candle Lighting, are uniquely and traditionally a part of the Filipino wedding.

If there is anyone present who feels that this unique and beautiful wedding ceremony should not take place, let him or her now come forward and state their reasons or forevermore hold your peace.

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