Prologue for a Western Style Wedding in Japan

The wedding ceremony begins with a prologue; something that says why we are here and sets the theme.

Part One - Administration

(Here are some of the usual things covered, spoken in Japanese by a chapel staff member. It is a short speech of less than one minute.)
  • Welcome
  • Switch off your mobile phones; if taking photographs, please stay in your seats, try not to use flash, etc.
  • This is a Christian ceremony: Please respect the customs, repeat 'Amen' at the end of prayers, etc.
  • After the ceremony there will be a flower-shower just outside the chapel
  • Other announcements as appropriate
  • Remain seated as the groom and pastor enter the chapel

Part Two - Announcement

(This is usually spoken in Japanese by the wedding pastor. As with the Part One, this speech is very short, usually lasting less than one minute.)

  • Welcome
  • Self introduction (Often this is omitted since the pastor is not important at all; the family and friends have come to see the couple getting married, not the pastor. But some wedding chapels feel a self introduction is polite.)
  • A short bible reading, message, or prayer (rarely done, but sometimes felt necessary to introduce a calmer mood)
  • Announcement that this is the start of the wedding ceremony (the couple's full names are read out)
  • All please stand; turn to face the entrance; Enter the bride!

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