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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (1775-1817).


Title page, 1st edition

First published in 1814, this Jane Austen romantic novel tells the story of Fanny Price, whose poor parents struggle to feed their nine children. At the age of 10 she moves out to live with her mother's sister, Lady Bertram, and her wealthy husband, Sir Thomas Bertram. Their ancestral pile is named Mansfield Park.

They already have four older children (Tom, Edmund, Maria and Julia) and Fanny's povetry-stricken background goes against her being accepted or treated as a fifth child. Nevertheless, Edmund does treat her like a younger sister, in contrast to his snobbish siblings.

As time goes on, Fanny develops romantic feelings towards her cousin, Edmund, but several years later he is attracted to Mary Crawford, who now lives on the estate. This is not the first or the last incident of jealousy and love in this delightful saga.

Do they all live happily ever after? Read and discover!


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