Triple-bar Cross

As a Papal Staff, the triple-bar cross is an official emblem of the papal jurisdiction and tends to be seen more in ceremonial occasions and processions.

The triple-bar cross has for a long time been identified with the Maronites and its form appears in a national flag.

Both the pope and the Maronites are not shy in displaying this cross. In contrast, the triple-bar known as the Salem Cross is rarely seen in public since it is a symbol used in Freemasonry.

The Papal Cross

The three-barred cross shown here is known as a Papal Cross and used for extraordinary ceremonial occasions.

The Triple-bar Cross
Papal Cross
or Pastoral Staff
The Triple-bar Cross
Papal Cross
earlier version
The Triple-bar Cross
Papal Cross
budded version


The Maronite Cross

Also known as an Antiochene Cross, the Maronite Cross is used by followers of St. Maron. Their church has, for the past few hundred years, been centred in Lebanon.


The Salem Cross

In Freemasonry, the three-barred cross is known as a Salem Cross, which appears in various forms:


Other triple-barred crosses

Other triple-barred crosses include the Eastern Orthodox Cross.


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