Vracar Flag

Serbian cross
Serbian Cross

The feature within the Vracar Flag that distinguishes its national identity is the arrangement of four firesteels copied from the cross of Serbia

Vracar Flag

St. Sava
Saint Sava
(c. 1175 - 1235)

The flag of the Vracar municipality in Belgrade shows four small firesteels surrounding its Triumphant Cross. This is a fitting symbol for a place which in many ways spearheaded the change from the Islamic architecture of earlier Ottoman rule.

Vracar is home for the huge Temple of Saint Sava, the patron saint of Serbia.

'Huge' can easily be qualified: The cathedral can accommodate 10,000 worshippers and by volume it is the biggest Orthodox Church in the world.

St. Sava
Main dome of the Temple of Saint Sava

Surmounting the dome of the cathedral is a twelve metre high gold-plated cross, and is the inspiration for the municipality's emblem.

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