Vozdovac Flag

Serbian cross
Serbian Cross

The feature within the Vozdovac Flag that distinguishes its national identity is the cross of Serbia

Vozdovac Flag

St. Sava
Karadojordje Petrovic
in ceremonial dress decorated with a Brunswick Star

St. Sava
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The Brunswick Star surrounds a white cross on a red background

Vozdovac is a municipality of Belgrade. The red, white and blue in the flag are from the Pan-Slavic tricolour of the Serbian Flag.

In the canton (top left) is the red and white Serbian Cross.

The black boar's head looks frumious at the golden arrow stuck in its forehead. A boar's head in heraldry often represents a feast, and by extension, hospitality. But in this case, the boar's head pierced with an arrow is a symbol of the Triballi, an ancient Thracian tribe from the plains of the Serbian Danube near the junction of the Angrus and Brongus (the south and west Morava).

Medieval Byzantine historians referred to the Serbs as the Triballians and during the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire, the boar's head symbol was used by the Serb leader Karadojordje Petrovic, who had the nickname 'Black George'.

In the flag's lower field is a blue rose. The blue rose usually represents either Mary Magdalene or the Virgin Mary in Christian art. The five thorns around the rose represent the five wounds of Christ when He was crucified. The central red rose often represents martrydom or it could be associated with Rosicrucianism. (If you have more information about the rose on this flag, please email us

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