Humetty Cross

We'll stop short of saying anything other than this is simply a cross that's stopped short.

Humetty Cross

also known as the Couped or Alisée Cross

Humetty Cross

The Humetty Cross (hu-met'-tay) is a heraldic name for any cross where the arms are shortened so that its extremities do not touch the sides of a escutcheon (shield), crest, flag or whatever its frame might be.

This cross form is also known as Couped or Coupy, (Fr: Coupée, Alisée, Alaisée or Alésée). There are various spellings but Humetty and Humettée seem to be the most common.

Examples are seen in the Red Cross emblem, the flag of Switzerland, the Green Cross First Aid symbol, and several others.


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