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Crescent Cross

The straight lines of the cross are in stark contrast to the curvature of the crescent, and at first sight, the crescent and the cross seem to represent two incompatible faiths.

The crescent represents the moon, and by extension, darkness. The cross represents the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and by extension, brilliant light, as with the sun.

And yet these two symbols fit together very well in several different ways.

Crescent Cross

Crescent Cross This combination is used predominantly by the Roman Catholic Church: Crescent and Cross
Crescent Cross Here's another symbol used by the Catholic Church: Marian Cross

Crescent Cross This double crescent forms a cross: Double Crescent Cross

Crescent Cross This cross has no particular Christian association, except in heraldry. It is also often used in Pagan art: Lunate Cross

Crescent Cross Here we see the Muslim Crescent superimposed on the Christian Cross: Muslim Crescent and Christian Cross