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The following articles have been added or updated within the past month:

chi-rho Cross (Updated 26 April 2015)
Pagan Symbols (Updated 20 April 2015)
Burning Cross (Updated 20 April 2015)
Enshrined Cross (Updated 20 April 2015)
Star Cross (Updated 20 April 2015)
A few people have written to ask about the apparent phallism in some Christian symbols. The subject has been dismissed by many as a pointless distraction, of interest mainly to those with a curious sexual fixation. Nevertheless, here's one book that has been written on the subject: Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism (New 19 April 2015)
Halo Cross (Updated 15 April 2015)
From Pagan bells to Church bells (Updated 15 April 2015)
Compostelan Cross (Updated 10 April 2015)
Voided Cross (Updated 28 March 2015)
Medical Crosses (Updated 27 March 2015)