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Today's thought:

The following articles have been added or updated within the past month:

Mystery Cross (Updated 20 January 2015)
Sun Cross (Updated 16 January 2015)
It's Epiphany, and we've just updated the page about Christmas.
You might think we're a bit late, but actually we are 50 weeks early!
(Updated 6 January 2015)
Boomerang Cross (Yes, really!) (Updated 5 January 2015)
Double Crescent Cross (Updated 4 January 2015)
Roofed Cross (New 3 January 2015)
Burning Cross (Updated 2 January 2015)
Crenelled Cross (Updated 31 December 2014)
New Year!
New for 2015, a revised version of the Rokuyo calendar. It's much more flexible and additional information has been added.

The Rokuyo days are unchanged, of course, and the whole concept of Rokuyo is just as daft as ever. (New 29 December 2014)

St. Andrew's Cross (Updated 21 December 2014)