Did you hear the one about...

Another piece of string


This tale might string you along for a while. Have patience. Be brave.

"Wooaah! What is THAT?" asked Len. "Dunno," replied Fen, his wife, "but it looks kinda scary, dangling down from the ceiling like that. Looks like a really skinny ghost; all thin and white. It could be a piece of string, but I'm not so sure. Do you think it's safe?" "It doesn't look safe" said Len "In fact; I think it could be diabolical. Better get Father Ben to do something about it. Maybe an exorcism or something." And off he went to fetch Father Ben.

"Well bless my soul! That is indeed a mystery." said the priest. "But I doubt it is from the spirit world. I think it is string, as you suggest. But the way it just dangles from the ceiling, motionless, is quite curious and I cannot imagine its meaning. But I wonder; is it really there, or are we seeing a trick of the light and it is just in our minds? This is not a matter of religion and we should consult Professor Penn, the physicist." And so Professor Penn was summoned.

"In my considered opinion," the professor said to Len, Fen and Father Ben, "that is, what we scientists call, a piece of string. Or to be more precise, a vertical piece of string, suspended, by some unknown method, from the elevated plane of this room. But its function evades me. I doubt its existence is a matter for religion or science. Truly a mystery and we should consult Mr Wen, the famous Chinese philosopher." and without delay, Mr Wen was called.

"To wit," said Mr Wen to Len, Fen, Father Ben and Professor Penn, "this is, it." he continued. "It is fit, that you pull, it."

"Pull it?" the others said in disbelief. But being the only practical option there was, Len, Fen, Father Ben, Professor Penn and Mr Wen took hold of the string and all together, after a count of three, they pulled the string.

And the light switched on.

"Many hands make light work." said Mr Wen.


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