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No serious joke (and there's yet another oxymoron) site about the English language could be complete without a collection of puns. Here's one of them.

Cinderella was fed up of scrubbing the kitchen floor, eating scraps like a dog, and generally being abused by those wickedly cruel Ugly Sisters. She devised a plan to sue them in the courts for maltreatment, and began collecting evidence.

She kept a timesheet of her hours worked and took lots of photos of the appalling conditions. When the film was used up, Cinders took it to be developed, and after a week or so she went to get the finished photos.

The clerk apologised and said the photos were not back from the processor. Needless to say, she was disappointed and started to cry. The clerk, trying to console her, said, "Don't worry Cinderella. One day your prints will come."

(See the original Grimm Brothers' fairy tale Cinderella)

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